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Monday, 13 April 2009

An Teallach, North West Highlands

This one is from Michael Aird and his transformedbylight landscapes. I was walking round here and the Ffisherfield forest (somewhat lacking in trees as a forest but a wonderful place) a few years ago and it's a stunning place.

(These photographs are a welcome breather from thinking up posting ideas... )


Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful scenic pictures you post - They remind me of how many places of beauty there are close to me, that i have still have to see.

I hope you are well Calum :)

scot in exile said...

i am well, and glad to see you posting again!

where near you are you keen to visit?

Anonymous said...

Id like to visit Co. Cork as I haven’t been that far South yet.

My favourite place up North is a little village called 'Ballintoy'. I love to go there in the summer.

Here's a link to the homepage. If your ever over here, I recommend a visit :)

scot in exile said...

looks lovely round ballintoy, i don't think i've been up that way.

sadly it's been almost 30 years since i was in cork... we got our caravan stuck in the middle of hunger strike marches for bobby sands through the streets of the city...