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Monday, 26 January 2009

Five sisters

On the south Kintail ridge, a panorama from the east shoulder of Creag Mhaim (947m). from the left, Loch Cluanie, mist filled Glen Loyne then to the snow covered Glen Quoich hills; Spidean Mialach (996m), Creag Coire na Fiar Bhealaich (1006m) and Gleouraich (1035m). This is the Glasgow Uni medical faculty's mountaineering page.


Linda S. Socha said...

Oh My. I want to go here...well rather be there now. I come to your blog to breathe and step onto an imaginary time line ( I think) somewhere between here and that there that can feel like walking at least a couple of inches above the currently reality.
Thank you

scot in exile said...

that's very kind m'lady, truly.

and a reminder i must write some more soon!

CathM said...

I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland and even recently I’ve had a strange urge to make the trip up... these images are absolutely gorgeous... I’m sooooooooo tempted!

scot in exile said...

naturally i'm biased but i'd recommend it cath...!